Our contemporary lifestyle brings with it a set of habitual movement patterns that have the potential to create imbalance and discomfort in our bodies and minds. Join our eclectic team of movement facilitators for workshops and classes on our regular schedule including AcroYoga, Movement, Feldenkrais, Dance, and more, to:

  • relearn essential movement patterns and bring balance back into the body and mind;

  • unravel held tensions and cultivate freedom of expression and joy; and

  • discover the subtle arts of embodied mindfulness and ancient energetics through a range of healing practices.



Join Scott for a 90 minute class jam-packed with movement nutrition designed to reawaken fluid movement patterns and develop full-body adaptable strength and balance. A regular MOVEMENT practice will help your body respond with confidence and grace to whatever activities life brings your way. This class is a full-body, integrated and fun approach to becoming a free moving human, combining elements of natural movement, mobility (FRC), calisthenics, yoga, body weight training, proprioception and balance. For a complete movement practice, combine this with Scott’s Mobility and ‘Fluid’ Strength classes each week and you’ll be feeling amazing!



Turning inwards to explore breath, stillness and slow movement through a process of exploration and re-connection, Wendy Morrow offers regular workshops based on somatic movement techniques, yoga, image based moving and improvisation. Check for the next ‘Slowly Slowly’ dates HERE.
Or, for a personalised and gentle One-on-One session, Wendy uses a range of somatic techniques, anatomical information, directed touch and images to deepen the understanding and sensate experience of the body in action. Check the timetable for more info.


acroyoga with Threads tasmania

Ever yoga with a friend? AcroYoga takes it to the next level! In addition to the fitness, flexibility and strength building aspects of AcroYoga, the partner balancing can improve concentration and the massage elements can calm the nervous system and increase circulation. On The Fourth Floor you can find Beginners and Intermediate level AcroYoga, regular Jam Sessions and Handstand & Conditioning classes that will have you balancing up-side-down in no time. Join Threads legends Ebony and Scott for some serious, playful fun!



Exploring developmental movement patterns, these lessons with Wendy Leewood will have you experiencing yourself in a whole new way. Feldenkrais aims to bring about more strength, balance, fluidity, ease and calm in the body. This gentle class will take you through movements that may have dropped out of your movement vocabulary whether from age, injury, trauma or just bad habits, and leave you feeling lighter, freer and in less pain.



Up here on The Fourth Floor, we like to get down! There are so many benefits to moving and expressing through dance. It builds fitness and co-ordination, is healing and transformative and is most of all SO. VERY. FUN! Our very popular ReWild Dance with wild woman and healer, Abby Gilbert - is a freestyle expressive session set to realign and shift any held tensions in the body and mind. Alejandra from Chile brings us Beat Latina - a lively, rich, accessible Afro-Latino dance class that journeys across the continents and honours indigenous culture and leaves you sweating and grinning like a child!