Join our highly experienced, sensitive and creative team of yoga practitioners for Vinyasa Flow style yoga (Yoga for Lunch), Beginners classes, Iyengar yoga and Yin yoga classes on our regular weekly schedule. Classes focus on cultivating mindfulness in movement, with the many wonderful benefits of a regular practice including - an increase in mobility, strength and stability in the body, the capacity for deeper breathing and greater energy, and a sense of comfort and ease. We offer One-on-One sessions and have regular workshops, including a Fundamentals of Yoga workshop - perfect for those new to yoga and for those wishing to deepen their understanding of some of the core movement principles of a yoga practice.


Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, also known as Flow Yoga is a very popular, contemporary style of yoga taught today. Classes move through a sequence of postures based around the sun salutation sequence and attention to breath and fluidity of movement is emphasized. These classes move at a steady pace and are deliberately dynamic to encourage a feeling of wholeness after a class, and a deeper sense of connection to your centre. A balanced class that will improve core stability, strength and flexibility levels in a way that also cultivates a feeling of general well-being and gratitude for our precious lives. All levels are welcome, though a Beginners class, Fundamentals Workshop or Yin Yoga session might be a more comfortable place to start for those with limited mobility. Contact us if you have any questions.


Beginners Yoga

Offered periodically over 4 consecutive weeks, our beginners series looks at fundamental movement principles and aims to guide students in befriending their body and cultivating awareness of body, mind and breath. We work through a variety of yoga asana, with a focus on practicing safely and gaining confidence in joining a more general flow style class. Fundamentals of Yoga Workshops are also offered periodically and condense the Beginners Series into an info-packed 90 minutes. Check upcoming dates here:


yin yoga

A yin yoga class consists mostly of active and passive, long-held postures for deep release of the muscles and connective tissue of the body, including fascia. We use props to find comfort and relative ease as we choose asanas to relieve tension and create space around the joints of the hips, pelvis and spine, and the limbs. Yin yoga is about slowing down, finding stillness, cultivating awareness and attention to breath and calming the nervous system - all while dissolving tension in the body and improving flexibility. A perfect place to start for beginners.


Fundamentals of yoga

This 90 minute workshop is for those new to yoga or those wishing to revisit some of the core principles of yoga - including asana (physical postures), bandhas, pranayama and meditation. We'll look briefly at the history of yoga to understand where contemporary yoga practice fits in context. We'll explore fundamental movement and alignment principles that will help us to practice yoga asana with injury prevention in mind.  And, we'll learn an approach to practicing yoga that inspires balance and harmony within ourselves and a sense of freedom of movement in our bodies and our lives.

iyengar yoga

Iyengar Yoga

The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas with an emphasis on precision and alignment in the posture and breath.  B.K.S. Iyengar developed this approach and introduced the usage of props to support access of yoga for everyone. Classes are taught as a course to ensure a learning progression.

Level 2-3 students will learn headstand. This more advanced class is for those students interested in developing their yoga practice to include a wider and more intense range of forward & back bends, twists, and inversions. Suitable for students who have 24+ months of Iyengar yoga and/or a regular home practice. Contact Mary for more info.


family yoga

Yoga for Parents + Kids together! We welcome kids ages 2-9 and parents to family yoga! Classes will move through some traditional yoga postures (asanas) centered around flexibility, balance and mindfulness and PLAY! Come and breathe and move in a light-hearted and creative setting.
Incorporating visualizations and imagination, games and relaxation - we're fostering an environment that is safe and playful for both parent and child to be and to learn in.